I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Seriously.

Some people may think getting a hysterectomy is a bit extreme for painful periods.  These people have never had MY dysmenorrhea.  I’ve tried hormones — I still have pain and exhausting fatigue.  I tried fish oil and ended up bruised all over without any relief during my periods.  I tried Vitex, an herb from the Chasteberry tree; all I got was a severely dry mouth and no change in menstrual pain.  I tried acupuncture.  I tried meditation.  I tried yoga.  I tried belly dancing.  I tried vigorous regular exercise.  I tried lots and lots and lots of sex.  I tried prayer.  I tried changing my diet to gluten free, dairy free, being a vegetarian … nothing helped, nothing changed.


I never got pregnant again since June 2012 so even another pregnancy wasn’t an answer to this pain relief.  The only reason I kept the baby house around (AKA the uterus) was in case I did get pregnant.  Now I am over 45 and can’t conceive of myself as a first-time mother at this age.  I’ve accepted my childlessness with some sadness.

When I was newly pregnant in 2012 I told my Ob/Gyn that no matter what happened with my pregnancy I would know before I died I was pregnant at least once — something I thought was impossible.  I could be happy just knowing that at least I was able to get pregnant once.

miracle cures

Here’s the thing about miracle cures … usually, they’re not really miracles … and usually, they’re not really cures, either.

2 thoughts on “I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Seriously.

  1. Hi, my name is Catherine. I lived with undiagnosed endo for 15 years before it was diagnosed. Thanks to NaProTechnology, I’m almost pain free. It’s not a magic pill, it did involve some surgery but it has also restored my fertility. Like you I was able to conceive, and I also lost my angel due to some genetic complications. At the moment, I’m working on getting healthier before we TTC again. I will keep you in my prayers, if you are interested in learning a bit about NaProTechnology and getting some relief from the pain, I will be happy to share some info with you.
    Love, Catherine


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