Totally freakin’ off topic! Blog anyone?

love blogging

Yep, it’s me again NOT writing about hysterectomy on my hysterectomy blog — that’s a problem with a niche blog.

However, I must say one of the greatest things that came from my hysterectomy is that because I decided to chronicle my journey … to write an experiential blog, I got to learn two things I never knew.

  1. I love blogging.  Simply love it.  Now while I may not blog every day and bombard my readers (YOU) with two or three posts daily or even monthly, I’m continually blogging in my head.  You should see the number of imaginary posts I’ve not written!
  2. The other, and possibly more incredible thing I got from this hysterectomy journey is that I love reading other bloggers blogs.  I had no idea I would even do or like this.

Here’s the shout out part … a list of my favorite bloggers I follow.  The vast majority are NOT related to hysterectomy!  And this list is also not all-inclusive.  I may have left some bloggers out … please do not be offended if your blog isn’t mentioned.  It’s nothing personal.

Wow!  I just looked and I follow 142 blogs?!  How the hell do I do that?!  Well, for starters I don’t have kids.  If I did they would be severely neglected … it would be an awful story, but maybe another interesting blog called “How I Ignore My Kids & Love My Blog”.  The reason I’m able to follow 142 blogs … really?!  Is because all you fools do not write and post every day … now some of you post shorties and pics that I can keep up with … but full-on harangues fall by the waste side or are better known as “unfollowed”.


These are NOT in any special order just so we’ve made that clear … it’s not like best to worst or anything.  So don’t cry if you’re not first on this list.

  • Luke Cats Yes, of course I’d start off one of my favorites with a cat blog.  What else would you expect.  Lots of pics here.  This guy really likes cats.  ❤
  • Gray Haired Big Mouth Holy criminy, this chick tells it like it is.  I have so much fun reading this blog.  It’s not for children.  It’s not for alcoholics who might be afraid to relapse.
  • It’s a Thought This blogger does blog frequently, but not too much.  She goes deep, sometimes funny and most often original.
  • Hot Mess Memoir Love the day-to-day things she writes about.  If you’re depressed you NEED to follow this blog to get you out of your funk!
  • The Shameful Sheep  Here’s another blog that will having you laughing or peeing just a wee bit in your pants.  If you have stitches, it’s best you not start reading until you get the stitches out!  She says (or writes) what I think.  Plus, the sheep scrolly logo is pretty darn cute!
  • Bad Cat Chris Lots of great cat photos.  However, I still haven’t figured out if the blogger means that the cat is bad as in naughty-naughty, or bad mutha f*cker!  Nonetheless, we all know that all Chris’s are bad.  My brother is a prime example, but that’s another story for another day.
  • Rise of the Phoenix This blog is both inspirational and touching.  She posts a lot, but with pics and manageable posts I can’t read enough of.  Some days she shares her personal experience heart and other days she gives inspiration — most often she does both.
  • Coco Baba This is a mainly a photo blog.  Great pics of her little ferret.  She hasn’t posted recently, so I can only worry that her ferret may not be doing well.  😦
  • Bailey Boat Cat Lovely photos of a feline afloat!
  • Casa Az This blogger is out of Spain with lovely pics — many of them cats and enough photos of tapas to make you want to travel to Spain.
  • Two Cats Views LOTS of wonderful photos for all you cat junkies like me!   MEOW!
  • Dr. Jen Gunter You didn’t think you’d get through this list without having something or someone related to hysterectomy, did you?  No, Dr. Jen is much more than that … she wields the lasso of truth!
  • Katzen World This hands down, or paws down, is the cattiest blog out there!  Lots of belly rub photos … you cat lovers know what I mean!
  • A Girl Named Wanda This blog is like the tamer, gentler, kinder version of Hot Mess Memoir above.  Just so you know Wanda’s real name isn’t Wanda, and I’m beginning to think not only is there a “Where’s Waldo?”, but “Where’s Wanda?” as these days she seems to be MIA!

Now remember *if* your blog isn’t here it’s because I hate you, we’re in a fight, you started posting only book reviews, your blog is too new & I can’t judge you yet, I can’t remember who you are, your blog is too embarrassing to let others know I follow you (and that’s a lot of YOU) or none of the above … I simply just didn’t list YOUR awesome, amazing, life-changing blog for whatever reason! 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Totally freakin’ off topic! Blog anyone?

    • Yeah, I’ve come across most of these by chance. And of course, it depends what you like to look and and read personally. I like blogs that make me think — but not too hard … ones that make me laugh and ones filled with cats. Of course, there are others, but those seem to be the ones I gravitate too! Have fun exploring … maybe you’ll add some new ones to your blogroll! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention and Bad Cat Chris is naughty bad but he is also very lovable. I found out I love blogging in 2012 when I was asked to blog about a rooster that showed up on my wife’s property (she manages apartments). I called it Romeo Rooster ( and it ended when the rooster disapeared but I added several blogs after that and I am still writing.

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  2. You are so awesome! Thanks for the blogging love, and I’m so glad you love my Wanda! I’m sorry I disappear for weeks at a time, but damn, my kids need to eat and shit. They like clean laundry and for me to actually show up for their sporting events. Who knew parenting would be so demanding? LOL! Thanks again! XOXOXO

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