Short & Sweet & Links

So, what’s up peeps?  

I’m keeping it short.  The only reason I logged in today is because I was looking at my site and noticed ads.  Ugh.  I hope you can’t see them.  This is the first time I’ve seen them and they’re sh*tty awful ads … not like ads I’d want like Colgate toothpaste, or Noxema, or Horizon milk … but just crap.

Anyway, I know these ads help pay to keep WordPress free.  Yada yada yada yo Yoda.


“Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have. Twilight is upon me, soon night must fall.” – Yoda

What’s new you ask?  Here goes!

  1. New job f*ck*ng rocks!  Why didn’t I leave that bullying place earlier?  Why?  Why! WHY!!! I have a phenomenal boss and kick @ss team members.  Yep, TEAM members — not simply coworkers.  Happy I am.
  2. Hot flashes from hell-0 operator …
    Please give me number nine
    And if you disconnect me
    I’ll kick you in
    Behind the ‘fridgerator
    There was a piece of glass
    Miss Suzie sat upon it
    And cut her little
    Ask me no more questions
    I’ll tell you no more lies
    The boys were in the bathroom,
    Zipping up their
    Flies are in the meadow
    Buzzing all around and dying on the ground … SORRY … I guess I was having flashes from the past.  Just a little grade school song I used to sing.  Anyway, yep, hot effin’ flashes and night sweats.  I have made up my mind to call my doc and go back on HRT!  And plus this: BELLY FAT & HORMONES & BELLY FAT & HORMONES!
  3. My cat Ted does NOT have asthma … simply allergies that we’re managing with 5 mG crushed Zyrtec every 1-2 days in his food.  No more scary, barfy-barking sounds.
  4. I got a weighted blanket from my blogosphere friend’s recommendation, Birdie from Ditching the (black) Dog BLOG.  That link about the weighted blanket is my OWN chosen advertisement!  If anyone’s gonna put ads on this site, it’s gonna be me.  Of course, I’m not getting a kickback or a free blanket, but whatever.  LOVE this weighted blanket!  It’s helping me sleep a lot better.  Go check out her blog and while you’re at it, go check out her lovely cat Norbert.
  5. Here’s the new thing I’m going to try: sleeping on the floor.  Sounds crazy, I know.  But it’s supposed to be good for your neck and back.  Apparently it takes time to get used to.  I’ll let you know how it goes in my next progress report.
ginger cat bed

Nighty night y’all … going to get my weighted blanket and sleep.


8 thoughts on “Short & Sweet & Links

  1. Joy M says:

    I just found this blog today and read the whole thing! I had my Da Vinci LAVH on 5/14/18 and found this while googling back pain. My experience so far has been very similar to yours and it’s great to see that you’ve done so well since your surgery. My reason for surgery was fibroids, so I tried junel fe for hormones but they made my hot flashes worse and didn’t help my fibroids at all, so I opted for surgery. I’ve had neck and upper back pain at times as well, so you have my empathy there. I hope you update on the floor sleeping, I’m curious how that is going.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No way! You read the whole blog? All the nooks and crannies? My dedication page and about 1 & 2? Are you sure? I’m impressed nonetheless! 👍

      Yeah, the floor sleeping … I’m going to have to make a new and updated post. I have so much to say. Wow! You’re my inspiration Joy! I’ll get to blogging this weekend unless I get to writing sooner through the week.

      Happy & healthy healing to you! ❤


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