Photo progression of my hurt to healing.  Enjoy!

The inside before and after …

Before surgery!  PRE-op

Before surgery!

Before surgery!


First day post-op

After the da Vinci total hysterectomy.

After the da Vinci total hysterectomy.

Two days post-op

The pinkness on the abdomen is from the application of ice packs.

The pinkness on the abdomen is from the application of ice packs.

One month post-op

Healing ... in progress

Whoa!  What happened between one month and six weeks?  It looks like a different person … but I swear it is me!  Maybe the photog AKA my husband caught my belly all slumpy and pushed out … but seriously, what a difference between one month and six weeks!

Six weeks post-op



Three months post-op


I’m afraid my upcoming six month post-op photo is going to look more like my one month photo with all the eating and snacking and more snacking I’ve been doing … oy vey!  Oh, yeah, and the no exercise either …



22 thoughts on “BEFORE & AFTERS

  1. WOW! I have never followed a blog before, much less one about a hysterectomy. As I am a man, the procedure would not affect me but, your experience has. I have to admit, I am impressed by your stamina and strength. As I have not read through all your posts, I find an uncommon strength in you. You have seen much adversity in your life and yet, you still manage to maintain a positive outlook. Everyone could use a person like you in their life. I’m not a religious man, but I pray that God grants you the serenity you so richly deserve.

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    • Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading more of my blog and while my blog is generally focused around my hysterectomy experience, I try to keep things amusing, interesting and educational while I often stray from the main topic of hysterectomy at times, e.g. cats and sociological/psychological information.

      Hmmm … where have I described much adversity? I don’t recall any of that in my posts. I do try to maintain a positive outlook, but I am not Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms — I find much release through humor … and cats. Hope you like cats! 🙂 (or learn to like them as I influence you! Hah!)

      The only post I can think of something really traumatizing was my dental pain … I wouldn’t exactly call that adversity, but quite the experience. If you’d like to read it, here’s a link:

      Thank you for your note and as a man (you) I especially appreciate your reply!

      Take care and all the best to you as you journey through my posts (or not).

      ~ Elizabetcetera


      • Anonymous says:

        The adversity I spoke of, was your first marriage. If my memory serves me correctly, you worked hard, to put your ex through medical school and the marriage ended shortly after. I believe you stated somewhere in your blog, that you are, or were, a nurse. I am a retired LEO and share the same work pattern (shift work, including midnights). Those hours take a toll on your body and mind.

        I have not had the opportunity to read through your entire blog, but as time allows, I will read more. I’m sure, I will arrive at the same conclusion, that you are a person of great strength.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing like working hard for someone else’s success. That says a lot about your integrity and his. I’m retired now for over 5 years, so no more shift work for me either.

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    • Well, it really wasn’t supposed to go that way and I don’t truly feel resentment about working the whole time he was in school. The ultimate break up was based on two major things:

      1) His addictions (fantasy football, online gaming and porn) and …
      2) He didn’t want to have children at least for another 10+ years and I was already over 30.

      No hard feelings … he went his way and I went mine. I got the good cat and he got the nasty biter cat AND best of all I married someone who shares the same values with me, is a hard worker and whose family I simply adore! 🙂


  3. Kyle says:

    Sounds like you got the better end of the deal. Did you end up having kids? I know how important it is to want children. My ex-wife didn’t want kids and we were in our 30’s at the time. It was hard, because I felt I had so much to give to a child and I wouldn’t get the chance.

    I’m sorry for the late reply, but the time surrounding 9/11 gets me down. I was a first responder and spent 6 months working on the pile. It’s been 15 years and I still think about those poor people that didn’t make it.

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    • No, no kids. Just fur babies. I think he got the raw end of the deal because I think if he’d been able to overcome his addictions most likely he would have found greater joy and fun in children … but I’m so over that in a big way!

      I actually relish being childless and sometimes feel guilty because I’m happy I don’t have any. C’est la vie.

      Sorry about the leftover feelings and grief with 9/11. It hit me hard in the beginning because that was about the time I was going through my divorce honestly thinking the whole world was going to end like some Armageddon. But luckily, life evolved and it’s not the end as we know it.


  4. OMG, I am on the floor laughing. I just had the same surgery and am home recovering. I was laying around searching for the name of what my surgeon did to anchor my vagina in place so if I sneeze down the road, my pussy wouldn’t fall out. It’s that cuff you were talking about. I am so happy I found your blog. Great support and info, but you are hilarious! Love it. Thanks for sharing your experince. I may need to do something similar. Tre` Taylor

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    • I hope you recover very well! Feel free to roam around this blog as you heal. I tried to describe experiences I had as I moved through the recovery process and afterwards … Some posts are heavier than others. And most importantly, the reason for hysterectomy and the journey of recovery is as individual as the individual!

      Thanks for stopping by! ☺


  5. Your writing sparkles! I have no other way to describe it. I love, love, love how accessible and informative your posts are. It’s not easy when talking about surgery, and especially a surgery that involves female organs ( which almost always make people squeamish). Just had a TLH and am savouring your posts, one word at a time.You are awesome for taking the time and effort to put this all up. Thank you!

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  6. designeyes says:

    Enjoying your blog! I hope this is not a duplicate message as I wrote a reply before logging into WordPress and not sure what happened to my original post.

    I am nine days post recovery from total hysterectomy by daVinci. All seems to be going well so far and I was up and about within three days. OTC pain meds first day and a half only and walking my dog several times a day with no problems or pain.

    My incisions are slightly different from yours with the exception of the one in the center. Seeing your photos gives me hope that they will leave very little scarring. My five incisions are more like dots in a slightly arched formation across the abdomen with the exception of the middle one, vertical like yours.

    I only had five days to prepare for my surgery after seeing my surgeon since it was scheduled while she was out on holiday. Now catching up with what to expect post recovery so keeping fingers crossed my appointment in a couple of days will be all clear. I think the most anxiety comes with waiting for pathology results, and my news was via email letter from surgeon saying the endometrial cancer was stage 1 and no further treatment needed. YAY!
    Thanks for the blog and your words bring a positive attitude and information to those of us who undergo a shared experience. Happy healing.

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    • Have fun exploring the blog! I wish you all the best on your healing journey.

      My vertical scar above my navel is still quite prominent and even purplish. I hate that scar. But all the other incisions have healed perfectly and the hysterectomy has been an excellent decision.

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      • designeyes says:

        After my abdominoplasty they used a great product on my scar called Embrace. I was told it is great for c sections and this one is so small, maybe it’s not worth the investment. The key was to have a PS nurse apply about three to four weeks after surgery when the wound is closed. It doesn’t look that bad on your photos at all! HTH

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      • I tried two products that really didn’t do much and now it’s approaching 3 years post hysterectomy … That belly scar is probably just a keeper now! C’est la vie!


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