About 2

Oh, you curious little bugger you … you wanted to know more about ME and this blog?!


I like ❤ cats a lot — you may have already noticed that throughout this blog.  I try to stay focused on hysterectomy … but sometimes cats get in.  You’ll just have to bear with me on that one.  If you like cats then you’re in good shape — if not you’re screwed and will probably be reincarnated as a mouse in your next life.cat breaking through

I’m happy.  Please don’t bring me down. I’m generally positive but I’m human so I will occasionally suffer from negativity.  Hopefully, I won’t live there.  If I go on a rant please feel free to join and support me!

I am bilingual.  Yo hablo español.  But PLEASE do not write to me in Spanish — it hurts my brain too much to translate.

I like to cook and eat healthy food.  This should have no bearing on this blog because I also like bacon.

this blog:

… details my experience, thoughts, musings, humor (or attempts at), links and everything else I relate to my hysterectomy.  There will be moments of science.  Please correct me if anything seems wrong or out-of-place … that goes for spelling and grammar since I revise my posts more than anyone I know!  Nothing ruinz the blgo reeding experience more than typohs!

I hope you enjoy the blog and will read some of the other pages … not simply the posts — I’m sure you will read all my posts because you’ll want a sense of completeness.  I know I would!  I’m not sure why guys are reading this blog … but I’m going to explore that thought in one of my posts.  Stay tuned! … and of course guys are welcome!

I like comments.  Please comment and ask away. 🙂

I’m not sure how I will continue a blog about hysterectomy beyond a year.  What could I possibly have to write after my hyst anniversary?

If you have any ideas PLEASE let me know!

existential chicken

From Savage Chickens by Doug Savage.

7 thoughts on “About 2

  1. Michelle Antoinette says:

    I absolutely love your blog. It was much easier to understand the science of what just happened to my body a little over a week ago. I had a total…. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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