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DISCLAIMER: This is a personal blog. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the people, institutions, businesses or organizations that I may or may not be related to unless stated explicitly. Also, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time as I come to learn more and develop my understanding about the things and issues I blog about. This blog simply provides a snapshot of the knowledge, views and opinions that I hold at a particular point of time which may change.

I reserve the right to evolve my knowledge, thoughts and viewpoints over time and to change them without assigning any reason. My blog may contain personal experiences that are in no way to be reflective of any particular person, population or profession at large. All characters and persons described are fictional.  My blog includes links to other sites and blogs operated by third parties. These are provided as a means of convenient access to you to the information and opinions contained therein. I am in no way responsible for the content of any other sites or any products or services that may be offered through other sites.  I couldn’t even humanly be possible for what everyone else says in the world.  I’m only one tiny little bitty human.

Comments are welcome. However, note that, tasteless and insulting comments will be deleted immediately. Any personal remarks and attacks won’t be posted either. The same holds true for off-topic comments as well.  Any comment that is deemed as spam or a marketing message WILL be deleted. I am not responsible for the content in comments other than those made by me, nor from blogs or other online content that I may link to.

While the links and contacts provided have been carefully chosen, I am not liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for its availability. Furthermore, the authors and publishers shall not be liable under any theory of recovery for any damages arising in any way connected with the use of information from their sites.

Additionally, I am not liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. All information provided here is for informational and entertainment purposes only; it may change over time due to advances in medical research or changes in my opinion.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

Please seek health information through your own medical specialist; this blog is no substitute for actual care and advice.  Please be advised there may be some gross and icky stuff discussed in this blog.  If it’s too challenging for you to handle, don’t read it!  I reserve the right to make corrections, edits, rewrites, additions and deletions of part or of the entire blog at any time without any given reason or notice.  Not being independently wealthy, I am my own editor and am not an English major nor do I play one on TV (the telly for you Brits out there!).

Please contact me if there has been an oversight on my part not to include any proper copyright; I will do my best to remedy the situation in a timely manner to your satisfaction.  Let’s all play nicely.

SOURCE: http://inkscrawl.blogspot.com/2004/12/blog-disclaimer.html.

Thank you kindly for your understanding. 🙂

Now go read my blog!

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