Short & Sweet & Links

So, what’s up peeps?  

I’m keeping it short.  The only reason I logged in today is because I was looking at my site and noticed ads.  Ugh.  I hope you can’t see them.  This is the first time I’ve seen them and they’re sh*tty awful ads … not like ads I’d want like Colgate toothpaste, or Noxema, or Horizon milk … but just crap.

Anyway, I know these ads help pay to keep WordPress free.  Yada yada yada yo Yoda.


“Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have. Twilight is upon me, soon night must fall.” – Yoda

What’s new you ask?  Here goes!

  1. New job f*ck*ng rocks!  Why didn’t I leave that bullying place earlier?  Why?  Why! WHY!!! I have a phenomenal boss and kick @ss team members.  Yep, TEAM members — not simply coworkers.  Happy I am.
  2. Hot flashes from hell-0 operator …
    Please give me number nine
    And if you disconnect me
    I’ll kick you in
    Behind the ‘fridgerator
    There was a piece of glass
    Miss Suzie sat upon it
    And cut her little
    Ask me no more questions
    I’ll tell you no more lies
    The boys were in the bathroom,
    Zipping up their
    Flies are in the meadow
    Buzzing all around and dying on the ground … SORRY … I guess I was having flashes from the past.  Just a little grade school song I used to sing.  Anyway, yep, hot effin’ flashes and night sweats.  I have made up my mind to call my doc and go back on HRT!  And plus this: BELLY FAT & HORMONES & BELLY FAT & HORMONES!
  3. My cat Ted does NOT have asthma … simply allergies that we’re managing with 5 mG crushed Zyrtec every 1-2 days in his food.  No more scary, barfy-barking sounds.
  4. I got a weighted blanket from my blogosphere friend’s recommendation, Birdie from Ditching the (black) Dog BLOG.  That link about the weighted blanket is my OWN chosen advertisement!  If anyone’s gonna put ads on this site, it’s gonna be me.  Of course, I’m not getting a kickback or a free blanket, but whatever.  LOVE this weighted blanket!  It’s helping me sleep a lot better.  Go check out her blog and while you’re at it, go check out her lovely cat Norbert.
  5. Here’s the new thing I’m going to try: sleeping on the floor.  Sounds crazy, I know.  But it’s supposed to be good for your neck and back.  Apparently it takes time to get used to.  I’ll let you know how it goes in my next progress report.
ginger cat bed

Nighty night y’all … going to get my weighted blanket and sleep.



Yep nothing.  You just stopped by to read nothing.  You could be doing other things but you decided to take a time out to read nothing about nothing.  Surely you have something better to do.  Surely.


If you’re here for hysterectomy stuff you’re all out of luck.  The ghost of my uterus is out haunting the blogosphere … somewhere.  However, in the meantime I’ve finally come up with my new blog idea.  You’re not going to be surprised if you’ve been following closely.  My NEW blog is about … surprise … CATS!  Yeah, I’m sure you figured this out before I did.

I know, I know … how many times am I going to say this blog is dead and over with?

I’ve got the idea — CATS!.  I’ve got the blog name — you’ll have to wait for that.  Now I just have to create the blog!  Finally, I’m free from hysterectomy stuff … and so are you!  I will link my new blog as soon as I make it … or at least have some stuff on it.  Soon.  Soon.



PS: I was going to write a post thanking the 200th follower.  Well, that day came and went and now I have over 200 followers!  Woo hoo!  Whoever you are, thank you.  Thank you for being that person.  Don’t expect much here, OK?!  I’m going away soon.  You can always dig though old posts.  WHO does that?!? I was going to write some awesome post about YOU and show off your site and all, but whatever.  I’m not now.  Don’t worry, I still appreciate you and you will remain anonymous.  I’ve got cattitude just so you know!  STAY TUNA-ED! 


“It’s MY cattitude showing!”


Dear new followers

 … and oldies too!

First and foremost thank you all for following this little blog … this odd mixed-up blog mostly about hysterectomy  cats  BS randomness.  (there will be no “second of all” because I like to break grammar rules and punctuation)


Dear new followers,

Thank you for finding me and following me. gif-thanks-for-following-cat-bunny I’m often confused why some of you would choose to follow in the first place, but whatevs.  My best stuff is behind me just so you know.

Personally, if I were to read this blog I’d either: 1) start from the beginning, or 2) just keep reading the posts backwards.  If you start from the beginning things make more sense but also deteriorate in a way … if you start from here and go backwards, posts start to improve but are read chronologically backwards … somewhat confusing  — YOUR CHOICE — I’m simply glad you’re here! WELCOME!


  • If you want to start from the beginning click HERE.
  • For recommended reading about da Vinci hysterectomy click HERE.
  • My most popular post HERE.
  • Finally, MY favorite post … yes, I can like my own stuff!  HERE!

Does it seem a little bossy and controlling that I’m telling you how to read my blog like you’re: 1) actually interested, and/or 2) an idiot?  Well, rest assured, this is simply a way for me to write another post … a little how-to if you will, and no, no, no I don’t think you’re an idiot … not yet anyway but there’s always hope, and I’m not even confident you’re interested in this blog … not yet anyway, but again there’s always hope!

Also, if you’re a guy reading this I’m definitely NOT judging … I’m fascinated any guy would want to read my blog … aside from the cat-loving guys of course!  cat-thank-you-drawing

I hope you enjoy your journey through this blog.  I can’t believe I’ve written both so much yet so infrequently.  If you don’t like reading, the pics are pretty entertaining.

I wish you the best here … and I love comments.  I’m still so small and not over-popular that I respond to most every comment.  I’m also still alive so that helps too!  Share your opinion, ask questions, correct my grammar, share links … whatever floats your boat!  Oh, and sign my GUESTBOOK if you get a chance. 🙂

Hugs from the blogosphere!

Elizabetcetera … 

Dear oldies & faithful followers,

gif-swinging-cat-thank-youfor hanging on, keeping up and commenting!

Yeah, it’s that short for y’all! 🙂

Well wishes again for a GREAT 2017!



Photo credit: Regina Cat Rescue of Saskatchewan, Canada. Adopt a cat — your life will improve! OMC (oh my cat!), isn’t this kitty so cute!  Look at his (or her) little baby bottom teeth!  He (or she) is so cute I want to eat him (her) up!  If you LOVE cats, you’ll get that … you won’t think I actually want to have kitten stew!  Eww!

PS: And for extra fun … here’s YOUR fortune today:


“You will take offense from a post on the internet today, even though it was not directed at you!”  

Why I have not posted lately

No one has asked, but somehow I feel better putting this answer out into the blogosphere.

I have not written any posts since June because my right arm hurts A LOT and typing aggravates the pain.  I have gone through some testing and have neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome (NTOS) — pretty fancy schmancy sounding isn’t?  If you want to know what it is click on the hyperlink because I’m not taking any more time to type this out.

I’m so fancy with my new diagnosis and all … kind of like Iggy Azalea … or not:


LYRICS TO FANCY because if you’re like me, you really don’t know what she’s saying and this video has explicit words I would have never caught (like I really give a f*ck) … but could only read (find) through the lyrics.  I especially like the chorus.

I’m so fancy
You already know
I’m in the fast lane, from L.A to Tokyo
I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold?
Remember my name, about to blow

~ Iggy Azalea

Hmmm … isn’t it interesting when some songs are sung they are so much better than when you read their lyrics?  Honestly, these words look idiotic to me as I read them, but her honey voice make them come alive!

I have written many posts in my head.  They have not made it to my blog.  I am sad about this because:

  1. YOU don’t get to enjoy my reading (and count my grammatical errors)
  2. Writing is my therapy

Strangely enough people are still visiting this site … I guess it’s all my glorious free information.  And perhaps the cats.  It’s always the cats.

cats in hats

My husband says I’m the one on the right and he’s the one on the left … I disagree.  He’s the one always talking and yammering on as I sit and listen.

I’m still alive.  I’m not dead.  I love responding to anyone who is brave enough to pose comments and questions for me.   As for my arm and my NTOS I start physical therapy next week.  My speculation as to how I got NTOS is from my desk jockey job of almost 11 years … type … type … type … type … oy vey!  If you haven’t discovered it yet SITTING IS BAD FOR YOU!  And it’s not likely I’ll ever change jobs so I’m stuck with this sh*t.

Hey things could be worse … things can always be worse.

things can get worse cartoon

Boy, aren’t they in for a big surprise!

PS: My hand and arm hurt.  I’ve written too much already.

PPS: My 2 year hysterectomy anniversary came and went without event.  Sorry no post on that day.

PPPS: My “Frankentoe” (scroll down in that post and you’ll see the toe I’m referring to) is healed!  Maybe when I get off my lazy tuches I’ll post an updated photo.  Maybe.  Or YOU can simply use your imagination as to what a healthy great toe looks like.  Remember imagination before everyone spoon fed you images?


Liebster Lobster!

I’m finally getting around to those two Liebster awards I was nominated for.  When I got the first one from A Girl Named Wanda I thought it was the lobster award.  That’s how my brain read that anyway.  So, I thought, wow, somehow I’m going to get a lobster in the mail and as I read more I discovered I was only seeing what I wanted to see.

Thank you Wanda even if it wasn’t quite the nom I was imagining and salivating over!

The other blogger who nominated me was Jenna of Put A Date on It! 

Thank you Jenna … but you were going to be one of the people I nominated for the Liebster award and well, now I have one less person to choose from!  Thanks a lot! 😉

What the heck is the Liebster award and why me?!  liebster

Basically Liebster translates to dearest, beloved or favorite in German … not lobster.  The word Lobster in German is hummer … hmmm … that’s interesting.  The Liebster is an award with no judges and one can merely accept or not accept.  The award encourages new bloggers to get to know each other and keep writing … it’s also sort of like a chain-letter, not to be confused with a pyramid scheme though!

Apparently there are several sets of rules with this award, so I’ll make a hybrid of my own, since I’m both flexible and incorrigible like that.  There is also an honorary Liebster award with no strings attached by simply accepting and not having to do the homework … I mean, answer questions.  

Here are the rules for this award:

Upon receipt of the award one is to:

  1. Link back to the blogger who gave it.
  2. Paste the award on the blog.
  3. Choose 5 blogs to pass this award to (they must have fewer than 200 followers).
  4. Let the recipients know about their nomination by leaving a comment on their blogs.
  5. Answer & create 11 questions.

So … to pay-it-forward the blogs I have chosen to award the Leibster are:

Bloomin’ Uterus (because she puts out informative stuff about endometriosis)

The Reluctant Cat Lady (because a cat is involved sometimes and she’s inspirational)

Classy Cat in Columbus (because the cat photos are beautiful, as well as all the others photos too)

The Broken Ovary (because the humor and writing are worth reading — PLEASE WRITE MORE!)

Raves & Rants (because some of her rants are really good … who doesn’t rant from time to time?!)


 Due to being nominated by two people I’m answering a hybrid of their questions.

1) Cat or dog person, and why? Cat person, duh.  If you read my blog at all you’ll see that I ❤ cats.  While I could have imagined my life without a uterus, I can never imagine my life without cats. cat thing

Cats because:

  • soft, very soft fur
  • cute, cute faces
  • easy to pick up and carry around
  • love their meowing voices
  • they are relatively low maintenance
  • hearing them purr makes me smile
  • obviously I like to be the needy one in the relationship

2) Name three things that inspire your writings or pictures. My personal experiences, a general sense of humor, and a desire to share information.

3) Why do you blog? I blog because I love to write whether it be letters, responses on other websites or email.  I need an outlet for all these over-flowing words from my brain.  I blog in the hopes that sharing my experience will help others … even if only in some tiny way … and possibly in ways I hadn’t even intended!

4) What can always make you smile?  My little cat kneading and suckling on a blanket. There’s no way I can frown or scowl through that!

5) How did you come back from a low point in your life? I read as many books on the subject as possible, I scoured the internet for all the information I could find, I cried my heart out until I could cry no more, I started an online support group, saw a therapist and talked to anyone who I trusted that would listen non-judgmentally and offer genuine emotional support.

6) What is that one quality you look for most in a friend?  Loyalty.

7) Give one word to describe your blog.  Descriptive.

8) How did you start with blogging? I initially wanted to write about a more controversial subject but decided utility was more important.  I wanted to share my experience since I couldn’t find anyone describing it like I wanted to learn about it — I became that person.

9) Worst habit?  So embarrassed to admit this, but picking my lips.  Sometimes I’ve been able to go months without doing this and then I just break, get bored or nervous and I’ve got to  pick.  I try to get up and put chapstick on so I won’t do this.  Ugh, hate this habit.

10) Recently discovered new food interest.  OMG — Vietnamese crepes!  Why didn’t anyone tell me these were so damn good!  I want one now.

banh xeo 

11) What do you think you’ll be doing a year from now? I really, really, really don’t know.  I may start another blog in addition to this one.  I simply imagine status quo … steady life, steady work and loving my cats every day.


If any of those nominated choose not to participate I completely understand. But if a choice is made to accept the award please answer the eleven questions above (you can create some of your own if you simply can’t answer all of the ones above).

And I have to send out BIG thank-yous to everyone who subscribes to (follows) my blog in this short time period of five months!  I also thank so many of you who are reading this from around the globe.

❤ Hugs … Elizabetcetera