Was it the nurse or the Dilaudid?

After being settled into my room a bit and my husband having gone home to feed the cats I found myself opening up to nurse S. — the lovely day shift nurse.  I don’t think I meant to intentionally have this conversation with her … it just happened … either that or it was the Dilaudid.  I’d like to think it was the connection I had with her with the baby steps I’ve been taking at trusting others.

Nurse S. had a lot of charting to do and had to do her final checks on me.  The charting system is in each patients room on a computer.  I don’t even know how I brought up the topic … but somehow it started with being OK about being on a postpartum floor even though I was childless.

I told her that I was pregnant two years ago and that our baby had a chromosomal abnormality — trisomy 21 to be specific.  I told her how it was a surprise pregnancy as I had years and years of infertility never believing I would be able to conceive.  I was 43 at the time.

I told her how my husband and I elected to terminate the pregnancy … I cried … she cried.  She held my hand.  I don’t feel like she judged me.  I told her how I couldn’t give my daughter a broken life starting with a likely heart surgery to follow with mental and physical disabilities effecting her entire life.  I told her that telling her my story wasn’t easy and how scary it was for me.  She simply listened, nodding her head at all the appropriate times.


I feel like I may have taken up a lot of her time by all my talking … I apologized and she replied by saying it was OK, that this was what was needed in this time … for her to listen to me.  I believe she genuinely meant that.

And I still wonder had I not been on the Dilaudid PCA if I would have opened up so easily … I’m simply going to tell myself that it was the special rapport I had with one caring and kind nurse leaving it at that.


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