Old eggs & chromosomal abnormality

In 2012 I had an unexpected pregnancy … unexpected in the sense I had years and years and years of unexplained infertility.  Both my husband and I were delighted to discover that I was pregnant.  My pregnancy occurred at 43 and I was considered advanced maternal age (AMA).  If the pregnancy made it to term, I would have been 44 years at the birth.

I didn’t enter this pregnancy with blissful ignorance thinking everything would be all right.  I realized my age — being in my 40s and talked over what we would do if the prenatal diagnosis was poor.  My husband and I had had this talk well before we were married and were on the same page.

At 12 weeks the pregnancy was discovered positive for Trisomy 21 after a blood DNA test and a confirmatory CVS (chorionic villus sampling).  We elected to end this much wanted pregnancy in the first trimester just over 12 weeks. We were devastated because this was a much wanted pregnancy even though it was unplanned and completely unexpected.

I had a total of twenty-one weeks of a pain-free life — 12+ weeks for the pregnancy plus eight weeks after the termination for my period to return — free from the monthly dysmenorrhea pain.  It was the longest time I can remember being free of this pain … at least physically.  My emotions were consumed by grieving our loss.

I came to terms with many things since the time of our loss.  I now understand that even though a woman may be healthy physically, the eggs of a woman over 40 cannot compare biologically to a 20-year-old or even a woman in her early 30s.  My outside looked good, felt healthy but chromosomes of my residual egg reserve were damaged due to the natural process of aging.


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