3 Years Ago Today

Apparently I started this blog three years ago.  WordPress reminded me it was my anniversary.  I’m glad I’m not in a relationship with someone real to be responsible to remember this date because I really blew it.

Hey!  Let’s recap the three years … briefly.  Really.  I have to get back to my useless internet search of stupid stuff.

  • Glad I had my hysterectomy.  No regrets.
  • Today … kind of got teary-eyed today when I saw a baby that “could” have been mine — in other words, she could have passed for my offspring.  It was short-lived as I have not forgotten how much fun life is without a little being or beings in tow to constantly be responsible for.  However, I do have my cats and husband so there is some responsibility there.  Oh, and my job — please don’t let me go there.  It’s been a bundle of stress lately to the point I’ve had chest pain.  Again, let me NOT go there.
  • I have subscribed to a whole bunch of blogs over these three years.  Reading on WordPress IS my new hobby.  Most of the blogs I read are cat blogs … OK, I really just look at the photos.
  • I’m still having intermittent hot flashes. I blame my diet for this: wine, coffee and some sweets.  I suppose I want the coffee, wine and chocolate MORE than not having hot flashes.  Maybe one day I will get over these minor vices, but until I will suffer through my intermittent flushing, flashes and sweating. Oi vey.  Poor me.
  • I’m moving soon and will have to put off my eventual cat (or other subject, but probably not) blog.  I’m stockpiling photos of my little furbears!
  • My dad turns 80 this year.  I have nothing more to say about that.  He is healthy and happy and that’s all I could really ask for.
  • I have an anxiety feeling that started with spring.  I wonder if it will go away with summer?  The recent stress of my job has not helped this arena one bit.  I am being silent-bullied at work.  I didn’t know ignoring someone was a form of bullying.  Apparently, it is.  Check out being ignored as a bullying tactic (Bully Free at Work)I feel embarrassed to admit that I am being ignored by a couple people at work.  Anyway, I’m trying to deal with this the best I can.  Ugh.
  • Today is the first day I honestly considered getting a tattoo and possibly had some insight as to at least one reason someone might get inked — to put personal words and/or a symbol to remind themselves of something that means quite a bit to them … like a permanent post-it note reminder!  I thought about three tattoos I’d like: 1. the “evil eye” … sometimes I feel some people are jealous of me and I’d like to have a particular tattoo to distract them, 2. some sort of symbol of Karma symbol or a phrase about Karma — something to remind me what comes around goes around, like that of what’s happening to me and to remind myself that my actions, positive and negative, come around back to me as well, and, 3. the word “reciprocity” — I often give to people who do not give back and I need to stop this; I need to pause giving to those beings who reciprocate kindness and actions that I do, to stop giving little gifts to people who are unable to say thank you or give in kind and to simply be friendly but not overextending myself.  But honestly, I’m too chicken to get something permanent placed on my body. I doubt I’ll ever get a tattoo.

Did you know?  A belief in the evil eye is widespread on every continent.

The Evil Eye (ayin ha-ra) is often defined as the ability to bring about evil results by a malicious gaze. In most cultures the belief is prevalent that some human beings have the power of sending destructive rays, so to speak, in order to cause harm to those of whom they are envious or otherwise dislike.

Evil Eye in Judaism

Hamsa evil eye tattoo

NOT a photo of me … or one of my cats either!  I so own some Hamsa earrings & necklace and an evil eye bracelet — my very first item purchased from Etsy. 

I’m not really superstitious.  Really.  I don’t believe in ghosts or angels or spells or speaking in tongues or seances or heaven or hell or reincarnation or astral projection … part of me feels silly even thinking about things like Karma and the evil eye.

Did you know? The relationship of karma to causality is a central motif in all schools of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist thought.

The theory of karma as causality holds that (1) executed actions of an individual affects the individual and the life he or she lives, and (2) the intentions of an individual affects the individual and the life he or she lives. Disinterested actions, or unintentional actions do not have the same positive or negative karmic effect, as interested and intentional actions.

Wikipedia on Karma

Karma quote Wayne Dyer

Hmmm … I better behave better!

Did you know? To really take inventory of the quality of your friendships with the goal of eliminating any non-reciprocal or toxic friends, it means we value ourselves enough to believe we deserve better, we deserve to be treated the way we treat others.  The importance of reciprocal relationships.

It’s important to take an inventory of our relationships and determine if there is an overall reciprocity. Healthy relationships deserve it. Those that don’t have it, might need to be re-evaluated.


reciprocity quote

I got a lot of account closing to do!

My take away from from the bullying article referenced above is be friendly, firm, but not familiar, and in the meantime, look to serve, be helpful, and trusted with all you come into contact with – this will help to secure your connection with … [all relationships].

Wow.  I didn’t mean to write so much.  Have a great day!  And of course, see below for the cat photo you’ve been waiting for!


Happy Easter!  You can tell this was an old photo because this photo was taken before the days of safety helmets.

2017:Gratitude & Aspirations

There will be NO New Year’s resolutions here … they often make me feel worse.



I continue to be grateful for my job of over 11 i-work-hard-so-my-cats-can-have-a-better-life-170e1years! While my job has had its ups and downs throughout the years, I hope 2017 will bring an excellent coworker (new hire) to the group.  I also hope to eventually accept a minor but significant change in my job duties and that my ego can get over the addition of a mind-numbing task. 2016 made me feel proud in how I handled a overly-sensitive supervisor.  2016 marks the best year in over a decade I have dealt with this person.  I aspire for 2017 to be even better in my interactions with said supervisor.  While I never expect to become buddies with this person, I do hope for the happiest and emotionally healthiest interactions possible.  Wish me luck!


I am grateful my health is overall good despite a lingering shoulder bursitis and newly diagnosed hypothyroidism … oh, and the mysterious ankle edema.  I aspire to raise my vitamin D, somehow get rid of the ankle swelling and learn how to motivate myself to exercise.  I am grateful  I don’t have TCOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) like I thought I did, but instead have bursitis of the shoulder with rotator cuff injury.  With the rotator cuff injury there is likelihood my condition will improve, whereas the TCOS sounded like a never ending bag of sh*t I would endure perpetuitously.

I am grateful my 2014 hysterectomy has given me a quality of life back that I didn’t have prior to my surgery.



Regarding relationships: family, coworkers, spouse and friends … I aspire to be more assertive, assessing situations while calling out things that just don’t seem right or that I don’t agree with.  Usually, I simply want to get along, go along and don’t speak up.  I am grateful for a wonderful drama-free relationship with my in-laws.  This unto itself is a miracle for most! taco-for-followers

I am grateful for the bloggers I follow for they often make my day and lighten my mood when I’m down (especially the cat blogs).  As for readers of my blog, I am also immensely grateful because your comments mean a lot to me as well as any likes (that star button I’m sure you’ll likely press after reading this) — I love when people reach out!  And while my blog isn’t the most active one on the planet, I aspire to continue to make it a source of interest, support and humor … oh, and a place for cat pics too!

Dear 2017,

Hi!  How are you young one?  Welcome into existence. My aspirations for you include trying to figure out the human race … pretty lofty, huh?  Well, maybe just trying to treat my body better and to figure out how to be more mature in some ways while still having fun.  I don’t have any grand expectations but simply to be happy, be grateful for what I have, purr more, say thank you even more, bounce back sooner from disappointments and eat more licorice all while continuing to love my cats.

Take care! (and please take care of everyone and me too!)

❤ Elizabetcetera


I couldn’t find more flowers.

I recently told a friend, yes a friend in REAL F*CKING LIFE (IRFL) that I have a blog.

flower mug humor … hold on to your pantaloons … I’ll get to the “more flowers” part soon enough and surprise you (oops, no more surprise) with a cat video at the end (I know all the cat lovers are skipping to the bottom of this post now … oh well, c’est la vie).

HER: “Why didn’t you tell me you had a blog?!”

ME: “Well, it just never come up.  Like ever.”

I’m thinking uh, how do I fit in, ‘Hey, I have blog about my hysterectomy experience when you’re telling me about your husband calling you a fat lazy *$%@!, some bully at school pushing your little special needs daughter who wears braces down onto the asphalt, and how your sister never got in touch with you after you disclosed your kidney cancer diagnosis.’  

JUST. DIDN’T. SEEM. APPROPRIATE.  There really wasn’t room for me and my hysterectomy blog.

HER: “What is your blog about?”

ME:  “My hysterectomy … my experience with my hysterectomy.”

HER: Wait, this means you can’t have kids!!! no shit sherlock lightpink You’re close to 50 and you’re not going to have kids.  Didn’t you look into IVF or adoption?!  Does your dad know you had a hysterectomy … and your husband’s parents — what do THEY think?!”

ME:  “I had the hysterectomy June 2014.  I couldn’t take the monthly pain anymore and said if by 45 I didn’t have a HEALTHY child (not perfect), the baby house was coming out.   We didn’t want to do anything to have a baby unless it happened naturally.  Remember, I’ve always been that ‘maybe baby’ person … I know you’ve always wanted babies and children since we met (age 12), but that hasn’t been my story.

I had already told her this a few times before … but repetition is the mother of learning … or someone on the internet says so.

No, no, I haven’t told my dad.  I’ve got a post on that — THAT DAD POST. — you can read about it there.  And no, I haven’t told my parents-in-law either.  I also discuss the reasons for not telling them there as well.

I wonder if she’ll ever really look up my blog and find those answers.  I know she is baffled that after our 36-year-friendship — we live in different states — as to why I haven’t told her about my hysterectomy (and blog).  It’s not personal … it seriously just didn’t come up.


HER:  “Wait, how about your brother … he’s still in prison, right?  Does he know?!”

ME:  Laughing, “Um no, he’s not in prison, has never been in prison, just jail time in the past for alcohol-drug problems, but no, he doesn’t know either. heart but not in life The last time I spoke with him was when I was talking about a problem in 2011 or 2012 and he played the devil’s advocate taking the side of a total stranger … I decided this isn’t who I want in my life, since I was the only one making our relationship work anyway.  So, no he doesn’t know.  And he’s not in prison or jail, just some kind of 1/4 house he used to manage, but now lives in a trailer or some type of boarding room.  I don’t know.  My dad keeps up with him.”

I wonder if my friend will actually read my blog.  She does have 3 children after all!  I always imagine people with children barely having time to do anything let alone read about a subject they have zero interest in. cat mama someecard I went on to tell her she is the only person IRL who’ll have read it … that I know of and I feel weirded out by that.  I like my “anonymous” audience.  YOU!  Yes, my husband has glanced at the blog but: 1) he dislikes reading for pleasure or entertainment, and 2) he couldn’t care less about hysterectomies.  You think he might glance at it for the cat pics, but alas he’s too busy doing other things … which is good because otherwise the outside of our house would probably go to sh*t if he didn’t!

Back to those “more flowers” … so, remember THIS POST?  though dear ol’ hubby must have given me flowers after my hysterectomy, but after going back and rereading some of my previous posts, voilà I discover the only flowers I mention are from my Gyn’s office and my work group.


  • PLEASE beware of the ugly photo in the above post.  You’ve been warned!

And I forgot to mention I did get two flower arrangements during this short stay! I was completely surprised: one was from my Gyn’s office and the other from my work group. I was completely, completely surprised! It was nice to have some flowers for a surgery stay I thought no one else would blink an eye over.

I brought this up to my husband and I remember him explaining to me that I already had two flower arrangements (albeit small and not personal from a close loved one AKA husband.) I couldn’t find a mention of where my husband gave me flowers.  He swears he did, he says I was medicated and don’t remember.  I think it’s sad that I didn’t mention receiving any flowers from him if I did, nor did I take a photo.  He’s mad now that I think he didn’t give me flowers, but I’m not mad if he didn’t.  But I also believe it’s possible he gave me flowers too … damn!  I wish I would have taken a picture. 😦


red poppy animated gif

Ironically, as I write this post … my husband is outside sowing poppy seeds!

We shall never really know … it’s one of those “he said, she said” things … one of those times when you need the actual scribe and witness taking notes on the relationship as it happens.  We really don’t have any third parties hanging around taking notes or recording our relationship for future arguments (AKA discussions) or quality assurance  … unless you count the cats … and well, cats make terrible eye witnesses!

Speaking of relationships, here’s one such video for all you cat fans! ❤

A French Cat Looks for Love in America