Hi!  How and why did you come to visit this site about my hysterectomy experience?  I’d love to know!  Where are you from?  Have YOU had a hysterectomy?  Write me a little note in the REPLY section below … you can even tell me what you’ve read so far and what you think.

Cheers & happy exploring!

… and nice to have you drop by!

🙂 Elizabetcetera


So far I’ve had people visit from THESE COUNTRIES:

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15 thoughts on “GUESTBOOK!

  1. I found you by having you find me! I’ve only read a few articles, but I love your humor. 🙂
    I also had DaVinci assisted, removing the ‘Pear’ and my one remaining ovary. Best thing I ever did! I’ve had a terrific post-op journey, and I enjoy telling people about it – I hate that sometimes women only hear the horror stories (somewhat like childbirth), or nothing (because for whatever reason these surgeries are considered private?)
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with others! You are such a blessing. 🙂

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  2. marianela aguilera says:

    Hi, it has been fantastic to find your blog. I am of those aussie women that will have to pay all that extra money even though I have private insurance to have the pleasure of having a laparoscoy hysterectomy
    Thank you so much for writing this blog, it has ease my anxiety quite a lot
    keep writing please
    marianela ♡
    Ps , did not write to you in Spanish 😉

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  3. Becky says:

    Thanks for this blog! I am 43 and had a Total Vaginal Hysterectomy on 01/11/16 for dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and stage 1 uterine prolapse. Reading your posts has been very helpful.

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  4. I commented on another post that probably was more appropriate here. Anyway, hi!

    I’m not really sure how I stumbled across your blog- maybe through a post?? But in glad I did! I’m a little over one week post-op from robot assisted lap (total, saved one ovary, lots of endo & a giant fibroid).

    The posts I’ve read here already have been really helpful and encouraging as I continue not just healing but also grieving the loss of my baby house having never been able to have a baby. I’m getting there and hoping the surgery, ironically, helps me finally let go. Thanks for your courage and humor in sharing your journey.

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    • I’m really glad that my additional mention of “no baby” could also be helpful to someone. Of course, not every woman who has a hysterectomy grieves the loss of the uterus related to having no children (or not enough?). Glad this blog could be helpful in those two areas.

      Keep reading … you might find some other interesting and / or useful stuff … like my initial experience with wine, and now my struggle with weight loss two years later!

      Keep healing well! 🙂

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  5. I came because you’ve left fun and interesting comments on my blog. Since you have a blog of your own, I had to check it out (and follow). Besides, you identified yourself as a nurse AND a dialysis nurse, both of whom I have nothing but worshipful respect for! Of course I had to stop by and follow!

    As a perpetual patient myself, I have an interest in other medical issues, and your raison d’etre for this blog fits that mold. While it will never be my medical issue (!), how you worked your way through it can help validate how I work through mine.

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    • Thanks for visiting! Just a correction though … I’m not a dialysis nurse. I simply have a lot of appreciation for what they do. And yes, while you will never need a hysterectomy there will be women in your life who will need one or who have had one and you can bring some understanding about it.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Enjoy your travels through this if I dare say interesting blog. Sometimes it’s deep or full of information, and other times it’s amusing (hopefully) as I write with humor because laughter is the best medicine (cliche, I know) … Unless you need antibiotics, surgery or dialysis! ☺

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  6. Nichole says:

    I need a hysterectomy badly and have now for years needed, currently in my 40’s and my periods have become so painful, that I cant stand erect during. I have had 2 C-sections 25 years ago and 14 years ago, I have had the endometrial ablation in hopes of relief. I have had biopsy, CT scans, ultrasounds and every year routine checks, Which all come out normal. I know also have gastrointestinal issues( passing mucus and scant amounts of blood rectally) that only happen as they do 2 days before the actual period. That has been checked and seems to be related to my menstrual , as I’ve been told and already knew !! I have been told that I have so much scar tissue from my C-sections and ablation that my Ct scan appears that I have some uterine deformity, but its actually a lot of scar tissue. Doctor seems to think that is one of the many reason I hurt the way I do, I pass large clots during my period and usually on different days during the month when its not period, If i lift something heavy or try and have sex , I tend to pass a mucus type blood clot. I am literally a walking gross fest these days. I can read this and hear how much I need to get this handled and for most its an absolute No brainer ! For me… I am so afraid to do it, That I continue to suffer with all of this and it affects me emotionally and physically, and my family too.. I’m sure!
    I am so worried with the what- ifs , I cant see the what it can be. I worry about the anesthesia, is this person competent, I worry about the surgery, what if something else gets screwed up in there and I am worse than before. I have so many responsibilities to the people in my life with the care I provide, that I cant imagine what if……. I have recently started talking to a counselor, to try and get me where I need to be mentally for this to happen… But as much I know I need it and do really want to not have these problems anymore . I CANT BRING MYSELF to do it !!!! So I am always looking for some truthfulness and encouragement from people, who have been or feel or felt the exact same way before their surgery or someone who may feel exactly the same thing and like myself not doing anything about it.


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