Happy hysterversary to me, happy hysterversary to me …

Yep, one year has passed since my uterus was removed and sent to pathology never to be seen again.  What a weird thing to remember and celebrate — a hysterectomy anniversary!

My husband and I are going to celebrate by eating BBQ tomorrow — Texas style! (as if there is any other style!)

BBQ - Texas Style

What it is: Highly influenced by Czech and German immigrants, Central Texas has a huge number of meat markets that serve heaping portions of brisket and ribs smoked over pecan or oak wood. Meat is king here, and sauce and sides are treated as secondary elements.

Taking out my meat only to celebrate with eating meat — oh, the true vegetarians and vegans are cringing now.

So, the other day I’m on the phone asking the person if they are on any special diet.  She tells me that she’s a vegetarian, but eats fish, chicken, turkey, all seafood, eggs and cheese.  I want to exclaim you’re not a vegetarian — you’re someone who doesn’t eat red meat!  But my grown-up pants were on so I restrained myself.

This also reminds me of the “vegetarians” who eat cheese, milk, pasta — especially spaghetti, bread, eggs, corn, rice, tofu, mashed potatoes, cake, ice-cream, candy, chocolate … notice there are no real vegetables here.  I want to tell them that they are not real vegetarians but simply people who avoid meat.  The preceding description of “vegetarians” finally explained to my brain how vegetarians can get to be plus-size  … because silly me, once upon a time, I thought vegetarians actually ate vegetables.

Back to the meat of this post … one of the best things about BBQ meat is the smoke ring!

Besides celebrating the success of my operation and the days of pain left in the dust I’ve also put some thought to what I would have done differently in regard to planning my surgery and the recovery process.

I’m very satisfied about the method I chose: da Vinci laparoscopic total hysterectomy leaving my tubes and ovaries intact.  I have no regrets about any of this.  Although, the da Vinci is more expensive with some health insurance plans disallowing coverage for this method, I believe this was the best method for me.  My surgeon was able to have an excellent visualization inside my pelvic and abdominal area that the vaginal hysterectomy would not have allowed.  Because the cause of my dysmenorrhea, my pain, has remained a mystery, the method of da Vinci gave him one last chance to look around.  I knew that no one would ever be going back in there, so this was my last shot at possibly discovering a cause for my pain.

There is actually nothing that I would do differently in regard to my recovery process.  I can only wish that I had read the free HysterSisters booklet before my surgery — it was still quite helpful afterwards though.

The hysterectomy method is as individual as the woman having the hysterectomy and the reason she’s having it performed.

… and tomorrow there’s BBQ! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Happy hysterversary to me, happy hysterversary to me …

  1. Sickly Stardust says:

    I have no idea why your posts do not show up in my feed despite the fact that I am subscribed to you! I keep thinking you just don’t post very often but I have missed so much! I apologize in advance for the tidal wave of comments and likes you will be getting and I try to catch up on your blog the next few days.

    All that BBQ looks absolutely delicious, what a wonderful to celebrate! I also find it funny that our anniversaries are both in June. I guess summer is a good time to get rid of an evil uterus.

    I am so glad that you have no regrets. Like I say in my (not yet posted blog) I don’t regret it either, but I wouldn’t outright recommend it to anyone simply because just like YOU said, the method, reason and woman are all completely different than the next. I am so glad I have found your blog and you have found mine. We share so much and often think quite alike, and it’s altogether fantastic!

    ❤ Eleanore C:

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t post a lot. Maybe 1-5 times monthly. I’ve been meaning to post more … but sometimes my right arm hurts a lot because of the mouse situation and my chronic neck pain … wah, wah, wah … poor me! 😉

      Anyway, you can peruse a lot of what I’ve already written.

      And yes, I’m glad I’ve found your blog — you’re much more active than me and kudos to you for that!!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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